Thursday, August 18, 2011

WHT/BLK MIX 04 mixed by MINORU from ORLAND DJs


Track list(total 1:03:42)

1.prince - alphabet st.
2.p.funk all stars - hydraulic pump
3.shotgun - skate
4.skyy - start of a romance
5.rick james - wonderful clinton - loopzila
7.toshiki kadmatsu - step into the light 〜after 5 crash
8.tony cook - on the floor(rock it) ranger - plastic romance feat.captn.k
10.kevin irving - children of the night
11.the popular people's front - tee cut
12.michael jackson - wanna be startin' somethin'
13.colors - pay me back my love(dub mix)
14.lakeside - relationship
15.zapp - dance floor
16.change - the very best in you
17.inner life - i'm caught up(in a one night love affair)
18.breakebot - fantasy(ruckazoid remix) dimension controller - journey to the core of the unknown sphere(kyle hall's im only breathing remix)
20.mock&toof - shoeshine boogie(dan lissvik remix)
21.the popular people's front - leo zero pull up
22.leo zero - drop drop ranger - crystal coffee(version2)
24.martin circus - i've got a treat
25.prince - i wanna be your lover

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